Website programming progress

Wed Oct 10/'18
Updating Home page to look better, adding slideshow and changing how categories and languages are displayed.
Fri Sep 30/'08
Start working on new Home page, with ability to switch between new and old by admin in future. Thinking of adding projects here (maybe new language says "Projects"? Will need to add new language "Applications" to hose hacks and tricks for thisrd-party applications.
Sun Sep 23/'18
Adding new view for codes, using BS4 cards, now each code can show its 1st attached image if found, if not, category image, if not, a default code image. Cards in Category views will show Language images instead if found. Added ability to log custom actions in Recent MonthView.
Sat Sep 22/'18
Changing location of pagination and description in each browse-by-category and browse-by-language pages.
Thu Sep 20/'18
Moving Edit Categories and Languages sections from Categories and Languages pages into Admin Categories and Admin Languages pages.
Wed Sep 19/'18
Adding ability to modify Weblog file from Admin WebLog page. Adding Languages and Categories tables in Admin Tables page.
Tue Sep 18/'18
Now that ANmaBrowser is ready, embed inside works perfect. MyAccount page shows Summary from Linkedin. Link in home user area to MyAccount page. Adding link in Admin page to Linkedin ID page
Fri Sep 7/'18
Fixing upload in ANmaBrowser. Capitalize 1st letter of site name.
Tue Sep 4/'18
Final touches to ANmaBrowser. Adding embed ability with fixing JS, bootstrap and font-awesome calls in ANmarBrowser.
Sun Sep 2/'18
Finished with ANmaBrowser by adding "Upload" functionality, and allowing it to be embed (include ASP command) in another page. Also have new ServerVariables.asp file to be shared here
Sat Sep 1/'18
Now home page shows different subtitle for each domain showing website.
Fri Aug 31/'18
Fixing bug of not showing languages with zero codes in drop-downs. Some updates to Language overlaps after adding my 1st PHP code. Buying and Bold.Codes
Thu Aug 30/'18
ANmaBrowser final embed (Still working no uploads). Adding some articles from DCave so we can link that domain here.
Sat Aug 25/'18
Got distracted again, This time was able to create a file Browser, ANmaBrowser, Built over the original SiteMan.
Sat Aug 4/'18
Added 2 File browsers, the idea to get fully working file browser.
Fri Aug 3/'18
Started working on File browser page in Admin. Admin Table icons got another enhance shift.
Tue Jul 31/'18
Linking and as domain poincoms to here.
Mon Jul 30/'18
Change how module is stored in cookies (or in file), two scenarios (User logged in, user not logged in) to allow maximum flexibility, now non-logged in users may build modules with up to 25 codes, while logged in users can build unlimited modules. Adding description for non-logged in users with progress bar and messages. Created some general per-language modules.
Sun Jul 29/'18
Change the way a module is created (Cookies), by setting limit to number of codes for non-login users, while login users will save module as text file in server. Extend all cookies to 30 days.
Sat Jul 28/'18
Adding feature of loading any of the saved modules into current. Adding feature of 'Adding code with certain language to current module'. Found issue, can not save more than 130 codes in module as cookie, need to find alternatives.
Fri Jul 27/'18
Features of 'Add code into Module' and 'Change module language' changed into Modals instead of Cards inside page. More work on Module and Modules pages
Tue Jul 24/'18
New format function (VB6Format) to convert dates from this log into proper format. More work in Admin Tables. Back to Module saving.
Mon Jul 23/'18
Creating Admin Tables from Admin Tables Settings page. Adding pagination in Admin tables page.
Sun Jul 22/'18
More work on Language Overlaps page. Module page is better now with areas to Change module language and to add codes to module with same or overlaped languages.
Sat Jul 21/'18
Language overlaps area enhanced and added graphic presentation. Created Language Overlaps
Fri Jul 20/'18
Admin feature of Settings table now has ability to delete an item. (Module Save As) feature added and {Module Change) feature initially started. List of modules and codes per each is completed. Add Website dev log (This log) as part of Admin Pages too.
Wed Jul 18/'18
Adding versioning to each code, automatic versioning for each code. Enhance UI for commands of converting code from and to Private and Publlic, still functionality not finished.
Tue Jul 17/'18
Enhancing My Account page and tabs. Adding shell for ability to delete user account, and for converting code from/to 'Private' and 'Public'.
Mon Jul 16/'18
Change sub menus in About pages Adding sub menus to My Account and Admin pages Created my first 'layered' FontAwesome 5.0 icon (Admin Tables > Settings) .
Sun Jul 15/'18
Adding submenu to recent Monthly and List pages. More work on Modules pages.
Sat Jul 14/'18
Adding Tables-Settings for admin, plan to allow admin to add/modify/delete these settings. More work on Module and Modules pages. Adding website devlog (This log), to track my changes
Fri Jul 13/'18
Fixing typos and bugs in downloading codes, Adding download counter and view counter back-end mechanism
Thu Jul 12/'18
Downloading code now will be in a txt file prompting user to open or save, instead of Modal
Tue Jul 10/'18
Code now can be 'Private' or 'Public'. Adding ability to show 1st attachment picture in 'Examples' or 'Parameters' for any code
Sun Jul 8/'18
Adding description in Languages page to describe how Language overlaps work. Pointing and
Sat Jul 7/'18
Enhance About page, mainly the list of domains and automating reading and formatting it. Link as pointer here.
Fri Jul 6/'18
Adding ability to insert [Tab] key inside code, descriptions, etc. Buying and linking to this website.
Mon Jul 2/'18
Admin now can change name and description of each Categories and Languages in their pages.
Sat Jun 9/'18
Starting work on Module page.
Tue May 29/'18
New page Admin > Settings to prepare for admin customizations.
Wed May 23/'18
New Terms of Service and Privacy policy.
Wed May 16/'18
Random ID generation might have some bugs, switch to new code written in php.
Tue May 15/'18
Adding Recent page as calendar, this one took a while since none of the ones online suited me
Mon Apr 16/'18
Adding 'Upload attachments' mechanism. Adding page Admin > Users to allow admin to control adding and removing users.
Thu Apr 12/'18
Fixing log in by Linkedin.

Sun Feb 18/'18
Start working on the website as

Fri Dec 22/'17
Domain obtained to replace and start working on it seriously.