File System 66

File structure, folder, FTPs, local, intranet and more


Returns file size in formated human way (mb, gb, etc..) Or, it can format any ...

FilesIn + FilesIn_Count

Returns list of files found in a folder, list separated with custom separator

Copy File

Copys a file from one location to another using WSH

List and delete files

Enables users to list and delete files


A directory Viewer with the option of downloading the file and reading text ...

File Upload

Uploads a file to the server

Make HTML File

This script will make a HTML file


Deletes a fil


Reads and saves text file giving its full name Used a lot in my tols, very ...

Read Text

Opens a textfile and shows contents

Rename Folder

This will rename and or move a folder

Recurse and Rename

Recurses down a directory tree and renames files