Components 59

Controls, objects and classes, also cells, sheets, workbooks in VBA-Excel

MoveDown + MoveUp

Moves an item in listbox up or down Needs Lst1 as listbox name Put code ...


Copies text to clipboard using MSForms


CDONTS with Attachment Example of CDONTSwith attachment for emailing

CountColumnCells + CountColumnCells_Criteria

Counts how many cells in a column in any sheet, any workbook using COUNTIF ...


Opens webpage from within Excel, using default browser


Downloads a certain page source into a variable, full content in HTML, using ...


Finds if a workbook already open in Excel session giving workbook name (without ...


This is the final version of my set of Setting functions SettingRead, ...

LDAP / SiteServer Migration

This script will migrate LDAP and SiteServer user list to another LDAP ...

Limit Characters in a TextArea

This will limit the number of characters a user types in a textarea.

Run Application (ping.exe)

This script uses WSH to open an executable and save the results to a textfile.