Runs a WScript.Shell command with wait until finish and returns 0, 1, 2 or -1 based on output of that cmd.
Used in specific situation, but can be customized, still little rough

Function oShellRun1(ShellCmd, LogFile, Optional CmdOk = "Installation completed successfully", Optional CmdNotOk = "Installation failed")
 ' Runs ShellCmd
 ' Needs to log results in LogFile
 ' Returns 0 if cmd did not run for some reason
 ' Returns 1 if CmdOk found in Logfile
 ' Returns 2 if CmdNotOk found in LogFile
 ' Returns -1 if error found (shell line not found)
 ' Waits for line to finish
 Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.shell")
 oShellRun1 = 0
 If IsThere1(LogFile, True, True) Then Kill LogFile
 oShell.Run ShellCmd, 1, True
 If Not IsThere1(LogFile, True, True) Then Exit Function
 FullFile = ""
 Open LogFile For Input As #1
 Do Until EOF(1)
  Line Input #1, St1
  FullFile = FullFile & vbCrLf & St1
 Kill LogFile
 Pass1 = InStr(1, FullFile, CmdOk, vbTextCompare) ' Done, yay
 Pass2 = InStr(1, FullFile, CmdNotOk, vbTextCompare) ' Not completed
 If Pass2 > 0 Then
  oShellRun1 = 2
 ElseIf Pass1 > 0 Then
  oShellRun1 = 1
 End If
End Function

ShellCmd, LogFile, Optional CmdOk, Optional CmdNotOk

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