Read content of an html online page into setting value in Excel sheet.
Contents will be saved in setting, as well as Link and Date refreshed. Caller can decide what setting name can be to saved.
Used to read XML or J API results quickly

Sub Page2Setting(PageLink, Optional SettingName_Link = "HTMLAn_Link", _
 Optional SettingName_Page = "HTMLAn_Content", Optional SettingName_Date = "HTMLAn_On")
 ' Uses Navigate to return HTML code for a page
 ' Often used with XML results
 ' If any optional paramaeters is "", then fx will not save that
 Page1 = Navigate(CStr(PageLink), "")
 If SettingName_Link > "" Then SettingSave SettingName_Link, PageLink
 If SettingName_Page > "" Then SettingSave SettingName_Page, Page1
 If SettingName_Date > "" Then SettingSave SettingName_Date, Now
End Sub

PageLink, Optional SettingName_Link, Optional SettingName_Page, Optional SettingName_Date

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'Navigate', 'SettingSave', 'Setting', 'sheet', 'SettingSave', 'SettingRead', 'HTML', 'Page', 'XML', 'content'

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