Classic ASP 145

VBScript. Code here can also be used in VBA, VBA-Excel or VB6

Make HTML File

This script will make a HTML file

No Cache

No cache on client browser


Reads from a table in a DB Reads only the first row, and return a string ...


Deletes a fil


Generate random string, fully customization, with even deciding what special ...


Returns the day name in several formats When En1En2Ar3 = 1: Sunday = 2: Sun ...


Returns the month name in one of 5 formats 1: Returns full English month name, ...

Str2DB + Str2App + Str2HTML

Set of functions to clean and revise cleaning of string before saving into ...

Paging with Alternating Colors

This script will take the results of a query and sets up number of records per ...

Read Text

Opens a textfile and shows contents

Rename Folder

This will rename and or move a folder

Recurse and Rename

Recurses down a directory tree and renames files