Classic ASP 145

VBScript. Code here can also be used in VBA, VBA-Excel or VB6

Rename File

This will rename a specific file and or move the file to a different directory

Replace Single Quotes

This script will replace single quotes so the data is SQL-safe

Run Application (ping.exe)

This script uses WSH to open an executable and save the results to a textfile.

Directory Viewer

This is a directory viewer. You can set what files to be viewed. Has ...

URL2Text + Text2URL

URL2Text to convert a URL into string Text2URL will converts a text with ...

ArrayRead + ArraySave

Reading and saving 2 dim data into ANStrArray ANStrArray is a string ...

Site Administration

This is an application to administer a website remotely through an ASP

Server Variables

This will list all server variables in a page.

Read Write and Append Text

Uses FSO to read, write, or append text in a file

Find and Replace

This will find all occurences of a string in a text file and replace it with ...

Create and Write Log File

The subprocedure can be called by any ASP applicaiton/page which needs to ...

DB_SettingRead + DB_SettingSave + ...

Reads/Saves specific settings from DB table Mainly for Classic ASP, but can be ...